Top 5 Configuration Management Certifications

Configuration-Management (CM) is the procedure that maintains the system’s configuration during their lifespan. Any system which is working in the domain of configuration-management control would have organized articles, configuration archives, system-related packages, consumer configurations, as well as services, and all of these aspects can be described in resource control. It is making sure a repetitive procedure, and this is the basis of the automation.

CM is fundamentally a process of system engineering to establish and maintain the uniformity of the performance of a product, its functionality, along with the physical qualities and their requirements, designing, and operative set of info during its life cycle. It’s a type of Information Technology service management i.e. ITSM as defined by the I-T-I-L which is ensuring the formation of system sources, systems of computer, servers as well as some of the different assets are greatly recognized and trustworthy. Also, it is sometimes referring to as Information Technology automation too.

Configuration Management Certifications

Most of the configuration-management is consists of a higher amount of mechanization to accomplish such goals. Moreover, it’s own the capability to handle the substructure arrangements with the help of designing, execution, analysis, generating, releasing, and stages of maintenance. A Configuration-Management-System (CMS) offers a resource of fact for the configurations of the system. It is the thing that lets the person influence the control system’s version. A version of the configuration-management coding allows for the easiest roll-backs if they encounter any issue. It’s quite essential to make aware of different mediums through which the automation tools of the Configuration Management System are operating.

Configuration – Management Principles and Implementation Certification

The series of Configuration-Management-Principles and Implementation Cert offers great basics in the CM to the ones who have a requirement of detailed conceptualization regarding the principles of configuration-management, tools, detailed procedures, the flow of work, and the ways to accomplish integration on account to offer an operative and resourceful solutions for the company.

Software Configuration Management: Strategies, Techniques, and Tools certification

This cert is an advanced level, and it’s a basic course that would offer a wide-ranging outline of techniques and principles of the Software-Configuration-Management i.e. SCM because it is putting on to overall life cycle of the software. It would also find out the application of Software-Configuration-Management in the huge range of methods to the software progress and its maintenance, ranging from the customary one to the agile one. This course would demonstrate the policies of S-C-M, their techs, as well as some essential tool abilities which are supporting every activity in the lifespan of the development of software.

Configuration Management Assessor certification

Configuration-Management Assessor is fundamentally an innovative course of cert that would guide you learning of the Configuration Management expert’s assessment tactics which are utilized to find out the enhancement zones and also highlights the deficits in the remaining procedure. The standard of assessment encompasses the assessment of the entire main aspects of the Configuration-Management – which are defining by some of the main industry values and excellence edges.

Configuration Management Industry Standard SAE EIA-649 Principles and Applications certification

S-A-E EIA – 649-C Principles and Applications is fundamentally an up to date course of cert that would give details regarding the significance of the standard of the industry and demonstrate you the ways to put on that particular standard in a great number of settings. However, it might be the topmost broadly recognized Configuration-Management i.e. CM standard that is in the usage these days. The content of the course would find out the entire standard as well as every single candidate would get a licensed P-D-F copy of the most recent form of Standard for the CM.

Configuration Management for Engineers, Project Managers, and QA Professionals

Configuration-Management is the most vital aspect of Engineering, Quality-Assurance & Project-Management. There is staff for quality assurance, project management personnel, and the engineers who are aware of regarding Configuration-Management department. However, only some of them make aware of the huge advantages of CM once it would be integrated appropriately with the personnel of quality assurance, project management, and engineering.

It is a two days course that would offer an overall outline of the role of the CM because it is relatable to the whole competence and efficacy. Furthermore, it would also identify the advantages of incorporating Configuration Management along with quality assurance, project management, and engineering. It also finds out the numerous aspects of the Configuration Management just like: identification, making plans, changing in management, status-accounting, authentication, and reviewing, in addition to every single person’s responsibility within an organization that is linked with the Configuration Management. Candidates would be showing to the entire setting of the activities of Configuration Management, and they would also learn the ways to manage the procedures of C-M are working for them. Candidates would leave along with a huge set of knowledge regarding the Configuration-Management as well as its role because it is applying to the assuring-quality, project management, and engineering.

Why Is Configuration Management Important?

Technology is the thing that gives power to the business. If a person is interested to sell S-a-a-S, tech is a product. On the other side, if you are not interested to sell it, almost every other enterprise is making use of tech to systematize its procedures. These types of systems configuration are quite necessary for the success of your enterprise. The configuration is the only thing that turns out a system (networks, OS, data-centers, configuration archives, servers, assets of Information Technology as well as different items of configuration) to get operative. As soon as check the settings option in a menu bar in any of the software; here you deal with the CM. You are required to handle it cautiously and make tracking of any configuration modifications to make sure the track, or else your whole business as well as consumers might bear a loss of systems-outages, breach and leak of data. 

On account to minimize the risk of cybersecurity and enhance the operations, there are the organizations are hiring Configuration-Management-Database planning of CM along with a Configuration-Manager to provide DevOps training for an effective Configuration-Management.  Owing an exact archive of the state of the systems is quite important. That is the reason version controlling is essential for the entire Information Technology substructure. 

The Future of Configuration Management

CM is in the variability, there are numerously improved released towards the tools as well as the procedures that are using by us. In a broader aspect, appropriate Configuration-Management accomplishes these 3 basic objectives: recognize the entire coding easily and configuration organized in the production (termed as configuration-audit), the capability to recover the whole items of configuration, and owing an operative tool to create a sandbox to fix the errors. Such reliable tools that provide great enhancements to these essential drivers for the CM would discover a user-base.